Remodeling projects are always complex. Rose feels that the best way to manage this complexity is by having a well-defined process from start to finish. As a result, she has devised the process listed below which you may expect when you work with Rose, the Kitchen Lady.
A Note on Project Management

Rose, the Kitchen Lady is happy to work with clients in whatever capacity they may need. Often clients don't want to take on the burden of finding and coordinating the various contractors and tradespeople who come together to implement your dream. In that case Rose can take a more active role in managing the project. For clients who may want to handle those details themselves, Rose is happy to focus more closely on the design and the cabinetry, her two core competencies.

The magic begins when you request your free, no-risk initial consultation by clicking here or by calling Rose at 203-349-5209. Rose will come to your home for a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your needs, wishes, and budget, and her extensive capabilities to help you realize the first two while staying within the third.

Or if you'd prefer, you can visit us in our studio showroom, conveniently located 2 miles away from Exit 17 on I95 in Westport, CT (see map). Any detailed information you can bring such as measurements, room diagrams, pictures of or links to things you would love to see in your project, would be very helpful at this point.

If there is still mutual interest at this point, Rose will take detailed measurements of the space and brainstorm with you to help guide her design.

Design review and approval
Now Rose withdraws into her design den, consults her inner muse, and comes up with an initial draft design. She'll estimate the cost of the job multiple ways covering various levels of cabinetry and fittings at different price points to accommodate any budget. Then a meeting is scheduled at the showroom for review. (Please note that all designs, layouts and estimates remain the property of Rose the Kitchen Lady LLC until a retainer is received.)

At this meeting the initial draft design is presented and discussed. If you are comfortable with what you've seen up to this point, a retainer fee of 10% estimated price will be requested, which will be credited towards the job on the final invoice.

Then the design will be discussed, refined and enhanced, perhaps over the course of days or weeks, until you are completely satisfied with the design.
Detailed quote and contract
With the plans complete, a final cost quote and contract are generated and submitted to you for approval. A 50% payment on the estimated cost of materials is due upon signing. Cabinets and any other materials are ordered.
Delivery of materials & installation
When the cabinetry and other materials are delivered, the last 40% of the materials cost will become due. Then the installation can begin. You may use your own installers and tradesmen, or Rose is happy to recommend the best ones from her extensive industry contacts. Regardless of who you use, Rose will work closely with them to ensure the job is executed up to her exacting standards.
Completion of work phase
All cabinetry and materials are installed and confirmed to work properly. The job is complete! Rose stands behind what she sells and you can always call her with questions, suggestions, or just to say hi!