Hard to Find - Worth the Trouble

Showroom Location:



Picture of office building where showroom is located Rose, the Kitchen Lady LLC, has a beautiful, but small and well-hidden showroom. The money we save by not owning and maintaining a showy 4000 square foot business location, we pass on to you by having the best prices available!

The main trick is to realize that Sylvan Rd South is a one way road at the point where our building is located. Therefore you should approach by Riverside Drive, NOT the Post Road. Just turn at the Sunoco sign and that's Sylvan Road South. You'll see our building immediately on the right.

Most GPS's will give you the right directions, but Google Maps will incorrectly tell you to approach by the Post Road. If you do that, once on Sylvan Rd South, you'll have to go to the end, turn left on Riverside, then make a left at the Sunoco station as above.

Picture of showroom as you drive past it Once you turn in, there are various entrances to the building which are identified with letters; we are in Suite "N". You need to go all the way around in back, past the massage school, and then keep going around some more. Look left for the letter "N" on the building and our sign in the window. It's worth the trouble!